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How it's Going Down

After decades of holding journalists from across the country, the McGuirk Alumni Stadium press box is coming down.

The porous concrete structure, which had reporters shoulder-to-shoulder with peers and sometimes scrambling for an internet connection, is being replaced by a new state-of-the-art structure with FBS-level amenities. John Sinnett, sports information director for the University of Massachusetts, took time to explain how the press box will fall.

Originally, the first step was to take down the lights behind the press box with a crane. However, it was later determined that they crew could work around it.

Construction crews will soon cut the press box from its supports, and the structure will then sit on hydraulic jacks, which will keep it from falling in the stadium. The crew will then bring in "a robotic chisel," which will be used to carefully break the press box into smaller sections.

Once the sections are separated, a crane will come in and remove the pieces. After the pieces are removed, the crew can prepare the site for the first stages of construction.

The new press box will be larger than the current model and will be able to support "broadcast, media, hospitality, and game day operational needs," according to a university release. It will be "structurally independent" from McGuirk and will be accessible from stairs and an elevator.

It will be named in honor of alumnus Martin Jacobson and his brother, Richard.
Martin (Class of 1968) committed $2.5 million to the campus on June 10 .

(Ed Note: Originally, the Maroon Musket reported that the lights had to be removed in order to start construction. While this was the original plan, it was later changed. The story has been updated with the correct information.)

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